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DealerDOCX | Turn-Key

The one platform your dealership needs

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Document Management

Full-text OCR allows you to quickly search and identify aspects of your documents in under 3 seconds. 

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OEM Audits Made Easy

Our system is able to flag certain files that may be missing important information, or are simply incomplete. Reduce the days/weeks spent on OEM audits.

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DealerDOCX also helps digitally transform both finance & human resources

DealerDOCX document management helps your entire company benefit from going paperless, centralizing valuable document, and process knowledge in one system, clients are able to store AR / AP files, employment records, HR term paperwork, and much more.

Explore more about leveraging DealerDOCX

Under the Car


Learn how the Document Intelligence Solution handles Repair Orders & Warranty Records.

Car Dealer


Deal Jackets, OEM Incentives, and Customer Information have never been easier to access.

Truck Fenders


The Document Intelligence Solution is able to give you high-level reporting as well as alert you to exposure.

Interested In Learning More

DealerDOCX’s Document Intelligence solution improves dealership operational efficiency and the productivity of all dealership personnel. Our solution allows for fast, secure, high-quality cloud-based document management.

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