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Customer Testimonials

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Michele M. - VP Finance

“A report that used to take days is now a matter of minutes, it has helped us reduce our time management expense."

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Charles P. - CEO

“Our people find files in seconds now, which lets them focus on selling and servicing cars.”

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Eileen T. - CFO

"We are in the final stages of a dealership acquisition. DealerDOCX has been very helpful in allowing us to navigate our records seamlessly."

Happy Clients

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Cindy F. - CFO

"DealerDOCX's patented AI technology was able to pull 2,100 proof of purchase documents in an hour. They were organized for our review before the auditors got to see them and structured just as the OEM asked."

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Duane P. - President

"The biggest thing is peace of mind in the security that I am protecting my customers' information.  It's a turnkey operation.  It is very labor friendly for my staff, they love it, I love it.  It is an all around great program."

Interested In Learning More

DealerDOCX’s solution improves dealership operational efficiency and the productivity of all dealership personnel. Our solution allows for fast, secure, high-quality cloud-based document management.

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DealerDOCX DOCXumentary Part 1: Streamlined Storage
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