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DealerDOCX | Self - Scanning

Harness the power of the cloud with the documents never leaving your dealership.


Access to your documents has never been easier. Our self-scanning solution allows you to scan your files and have instant access to them.

Scans To Scanning PC w/ Scanning Software

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DDX - Sales Sheets (1).png

Uploads To Customer Site via AWS

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Fujitsu Compatible Scanner

Fujitsu PaperStream Capture Pro

South River

Technologies WebDrive

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Document Management

Full-text OCR allows you to quickly search and identify aspects of your documents in under 3 seconds. 

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OEM Audits Made Easy

Our system is able to flag certain files that may be missing important information, or are simply incomplete. Reduce the days/weeks spent on OEM audits.

Interested In Learning More

DealerDOCX’s Self-Scanning solution improves dealership operational efficiency and the productivity of all dealership personnel. Our solution allows for fast, secure, high-quality cloud-based document management.

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