DealerDOCX Self - Scanning

Harness the power of the cloud with the documents never leaving your dealership.


Access to your documents has never been easier. Our self-scanning solution allows you to scan your files and have instant access to them.

Scans To Scanning PC w/ Scanning Software

Uploads To Customer Site via AWS

Fujitsu Compatible Scanner

Fujitsu PaperStream Capture Pro

South River

Technologies WebDrive

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Save Time & Protect Your Revenue

How do I get started?

Either call or email Paul using the form above.

Where are you located?

Paul is based out of Surrey, BC. If you're far away he offers Skype video sessions.

How long does the coaching last?

The first session is a minimum of two hours. This is a full - packed meeting including resume review, training on the specifics of behavioral/competency based type questions and situational questions. What the panel’s job is in grading your interview performance, in terms of fulfilling the employer’s needs and what your job is in answering the panels questions properly so they can do their job in giving maximum deserved points. Also included in the first two hours is practicing mock interview questions.
At the completion of the meeting you will receive information paperwork was well as homework to take home. The homework given is designed to lay out a path to follow in terms of preparation of your upcoming interview. Although there are no requirements, based on the candidates desire to be fully prepared, further meetings are optional but recommended.

What if I'm located far away from you?

Paul prefers to meet candidates in person however it’s very common that this is not possible due to distance. In order to hear your answers and make recommendations on your body language, options such as SKYPE, messenger and or face time works exceptionally well. If a video meeting is scheduled you will receive needed documents for the meeting by email the day prior.

Document Management

Full-text OCR allows you to quickly search and identify aspects of your documents in under 3 seconds. 

DMS Integration

If you are looking for advanced reporting, we integrate with Dealertrack, CDK Global.

OEM Audits Made Easy

Our system is able to flag certain files that may be missing important information, or are simply incomplete. Reduce the days/weeks spent on OEM audits.

Fujitsu line of scanners


Fujitsu's line of scanners provide the best performance, features, and durability.


Fujitsu scanners are reasonably priced and can handle thousands of pages without a problem. From card stock to receipts, these scanners are highly adept to handle any type of paper. 

Interested In Learning More

DealerDOCX’s Self-Scanning solution improves dealership operational efficiency and the productivity of all dealership personnel. Our solution allows for fast, secure, high-quality cloud-based document management.