See how DealerDOCX transforms dealerships.

DealerDOCX is more than document management — it’s business intelligence. We specialize in secure end-to-end Cloud-based solutions for the Automotive industry. We take all of the boxes, filing cabinets, deal jackets, ROs, and paperwork you’re required to hold onto, and move every last page to the Cloud.

DealerDOCX is powered by the business intelligence of our proprietary engine, AACT-1. It’s your all-in-one, space-and-cost-saving document management and analytics solution that delivers the insights you need for even greater efficiency and growth.

How does it work? Like a charm.

DealerDOCX exists for one reason—to make document management for your dealership simple, easy, and smart. Our intuitive Cloud-based system puts full-search capabilities and compliance confidence at your fingertips.

Powered by the business intelligence of our proprietary engine, AACT-1, DealerDOCX goes beyond document management to provide analytics and insights that give your dealership a competitive advantage.

1. Document Collection

  • Collect your documents and place them in red totes

2. Document Transportation

  • DealerDOCX inventories documents upon receipt

3. Manual Document Preparation

  • DealerDOCX removes documents from totes and folders
  • We also remove all staples and paper clips

4. High-Speed Scanning

  • Documents are scanned with our state-of-the-art system, providing the highest quality images

5. Data Extraction

  • Utilize optical character recognition (OCR) to convert images to full text searchable PDFs
  • Software data extraction captures the document title

6. Electronic Document Upload

  • Your encrypted electronic documents are uploaded and stored directly to a dedicated client repository

7. Access

  • Electronic documents are instantly accessible by all authorized users at client locations

8. Shred Paper

  • Paper documents will be shredded per government compliance standards

 – Quality Control

Think you can go digital on your own?

Before you commit time or resources, consider the following…

Unfortunately, maddocx_stopny are vague, intricate, subject to interpretation, and have significant variations from state to state. And you know how quickly audit penalties can add up. Are your employees up to speed on all of it?

ddocx_goDealerDOCX knows document compliance for the automotive industry inside-and-out, from state-to-state, and we’re expert at ensuring every last document you need to maintain is secure—from scanning to search—and available only to the appropriate people.

ddocx_stopFrom Sales to Service, front-end to back-office, your people are already busy taking care of business and customers. Every minute they spend having to learn and maintain a new document management system, and scan all of those documents to begin with, is time away from their main job—moving inventory and growing your bottom line.

Haddad Dealerships of the Berkshires assigned three full-time employees to digitize their documents. Read why they changed strategies and called us. Download case study >>

ddocx_goThe scanning and storage of thousands and thousands of vital documents is a very complex task. Especially when you need to ensure that every document is searchable, maintained for the required length of time, and available at a moment’s notice for audit purposes. With DealerDOCX you have no equipment costs, the process is simple and easy, and your employees have the time they need to focus on their job.

ddocx_stopPaper may have powered the back-office of your dealership for decades. But let’s face, paper isn’t smart. It’s not searchable by keywords. You can’t build in formulas or algorithms. It doesn’t raise a flag if there’s an interesting pattern emerging. In fact, filing cabinets and store rooms are a great place for important nuggets of knowledge to hide.

ddocx_goGoing digital is smart because you save time, space, and money. But DealerDOCX gives you much more. We build in a business intelligence engine to help you quickly identify opportunities for improvement. Are there critical documents or signatures missing? How well is your team cross-selling or upselling? Are you maximizing chargebacks and manufacturer’s incentives? DealerDOCX puts these valuable insights at your fingertips.

Our Clients

160,410,585 pages scanned and growing every day. Focused on 100% customer satisfaction.


Q: What is cloud computing?

A: The computer or server running your software program is not onsite in your building, but offsite. You access the program by logging in through your browser. Eliminates the need to buy servers or computer programs or manage the technology.

Q: Is this associated with my dealer management system?

A: We are a completely different entity than your DMS. We are not correlated at all with your DMS.

Q: Will the digital documents hold up in court?

A: Yes. The PDFs are unalterable PDFs, therefore signatures are upheld in court. We have gone through many audits and had many lawyers from different areas review the standards.

Q: Can I print documents?

A: You can print entire documents, certain pages of a document, anything that you need. It is a standard PDF, so very simple to use and standard.

Q: Why is your system different than other document management solutions?

A: We are a full service solution. Your dealership does no additional work, no scanning, no destapling. The system is easy to use and we have a full service support staff who is always available to answer questions or concerns.

Q: Is there a way to measure ROI?

A: Yes! Check it out.

Q: How often do my documents get picked up?

A: We typically pick up from dealerships every two to four weeks, but we work with your dealership and the number of totes you generate on go on your needs.

Q: How many years back do you scan?

A: That is dependent on what your dealership needs. Some dealerships like to just send us go forward work, while others like to clean out the space that the backfile work is taking up.

Q: Do you scan things other than DJ and RO’s?

A: We do. While 80% of a dealerships paperwork is these types of documents, we also scan service folders, parts tickets, accounts payables, journals, HR files, and any other types of files generated by the dealership.

Q: What happens during an audit?

A: There are a few things that can happen. You can sit with the auditor and show them how to search for things, print off certain pages that they need, and show them everything on the site. We can also create a folder that the auditor has access to, and drag the certain documents that the auditor needs into that folder, only giving them access to exactly what they need. When this happens, many times the auditor does not need to come on site.

Q: How long is the lead time between when my documents are picked up and when they are in the system?

A: For all live work, there is a 2 week turn around time promised to our customers. This is the general time frame, but we always get calls asking about documents that were just picked up. When this happens, you can send an email to and we will pull this file and scan it to the system for you within 48 hours.

Q: How does training work? How long does it take?

A: Training typically takes less than 5 minutes a person. We will have picked up a tote of documents already from your store, so we will have some of your live data on the site. We will show each person how to sign in and how to search for documents. Our system is very user friendly, so it does not take long for each person to understand how it works.

Q: What happens when someone leaves the dealership?

A: Each user will have an IP address restriction, so this will restrict them from trying to log in from home or another dealership when they leave. We will also remove their access as soon as we get the go ahead from you.

Q: What if I forget my password?

A: Click the “Forgot my Password” link on the login page. Check your email to reset your password.

Q: I can’t log-in to the site today, it worked last week.

A: Login access is restricted to the IP address of your dealership. If you recently changed internet providers, DealerDOCX will need to update our system with your buildings new IP address.

Q: How do I change my password?

A: Click the “Change password” link under your name in the top right hand corner of your DealerDOCX site.

Q: What levels of security do you have to keep my data safe?

A: Each person that you designate needs access will receive their own username and password, which is then also IP address restrictions. We also use Amazon Web Services to host our data, which is one of the most secure ways to host data.

Q: Can each user see all of the documents?

A: No, each user is restricted to whatever folders you tell us they can have access to. If you want the service manager to only see RO’s, that is all they will have access to. If the general manager can see all documents, that is what they can see. It is all based on the permissions you give us.

Q: What can I search by?

A: Any typed word in the page is searchable! While the most specific and best chances of finding what you need is either the stock number or repair order number, you can search by the VIN number, the persons name, an address, or any other information you might have.

Q: What are the system and hardware requirements?

A: Any computer with a current Internet browser. DealerDOCX is a cloud-based system, so the only hardware and software you need area working computer and a browser. Recent versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or MS Edge all work well.

Q: Does DealerDOCX work on a smart phone?

A: Even though the software is browser-based, we recommend for security reasons that it not be enabled on mobile devices.

Q: What does “Powered by AACT-1” mean?

A: DealerDOCX AACT-1 is a powerful business intelligence content analysis engine that turns dealership paperwork into intelligent documents, fully verified, searchable and compliant.

The proprietary platform is extremely customizable and takes the DealerDOCX search functionality to an entirely new level. The software analyzes every last piece of data, locating not only what is there, but identifying precisely what is missing—right down to a signature—in seconds.

Q: What specific types of business intelligence can we access?

A: As a customer, you will be able to do more with your deal jacket and repair order. We are turning them into intelligent documents. You will be able to harness the power of your data to improve operational efficiency, increase or create more revenue opportunities, review process and train your staff to improve the customer experience. You choose the data you want to analyze and we collaboratively configure the DDOCX system to meet your business needs.

Q: What are the benefits of the DDOCX business intelligence tool?

A: You will be able to manage by exception. Deal jackets that have failed compliance will be specifically identified and can be sorted by the F&I manager. When facing an audit (MFG, Sales tax, compliance), the dealer can now pull documents specific to the audit requirements in a matter of seconds instead of days.

  • Faster reporting, analysis, or planning
  • More accurate reporting, analysis, or planning
  • Better business decisions
  • Improved data quality
  • Improved employee satisfaction
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased revenues

Q: How does DealerDOCX® help our sales team?

A: DDOCX Business Intelligence is a powerful yet elegantly simple-to-use tool that allows you to better manage a debilitating amount of paperwork and focus on managing the exceptions. This allows your dealership to hold people accountable, configure training programs to address those exceptions, and foster a culture of excellence.

Q: This is a significant process change. What support or guidance do you provide for organizational change?

A: We have dedicated account managers ready to custom-configure your data analytics to fit your specific business needs, fueling greater efficiency for you.

Q: Is it scalable as we grow?

A: Size doesn’t matter! Whether you are a single point, multi point, or nationwide group, we have clients of all shapes and sizes. Last year, DealerDOCX scanned over 60,000,000 documents. This year, we will double that amount and more. Our team and technology is built to scale and customer care is always our first priority.

Our Team

We’re document management experts who understand the car dealership business.

DealerDOCX is more than just document management. Our team is made up of people who know the car business. We have national reach with our super scanning facility. Our partnership with UPS means your documents can be shipped quickly and securely from anywhere in the country.

Our Communities

We believe in supporting the communities we serve. We hire locally, and partner with local organizations that work with the developmentally disabled, offering entry-level employment opportunities performing document prep and scanning services.


Our Leadership

John T. Smith

John Smith brings over thirty five years of IT business ownership and management experience to DealerDOCX. A graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology, John founded JTS Computer Services, Inc. early in his career, and guided the company to be one of the most highly respected application development and software consulting organizations in upstate New York. In the years since, John has started over 15 high technology businesses, successfully selling several to publicly traded firms.

Mark Brower
Chief Operating Officer

Mark Brower is intimately involved in all aspects of the DealerDOCX business—from sales to scanning center operations. Leveraging his deep experience in sales, marketing, and service management Mark provides set up and training to all new scanning partners, and has successfully run MDO for the past seven years with over 75 customers currently using the DealerDOCX services.

Brad Bass
Vice President of Sales

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Brad Bass is vice president of sales for DealerDOCX. Appointed to this position in March 2016, Bass is responsible for sales strategy and execution, acquisition, retention, customer service, marketing communications and general operations for all markets nationwide.

Prior to his current role,  Brad was regional executive of public sector for Sprint and district manager of retail stores.

Mike Darling
VP of Operations

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Mike Darling has over 22 years in the operations and production field. At DealerDOCX he serves as the VP of Operations overseeing all aspects of the business. Prior to being at DealerDOCX, he worked as the Operations and Production Manager for a financial technology company. He has worked alongside CEO John Smith for roughly 6 1/2 years for both DealerDOCX and their sister company JTS Computer Services.

John Walsh
Chief Technology Officer

John Walsh has 30 years’ experience in all aspects of software engineering from requirements analysis through software development and deployment. John drives the development of the DealerDOCX software suite. He and his team have also developed a set of highly automated tools to manage the secured cloud servers that manage your documents. John holds six US patents.

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