Supercharge your dealership with intelligent document management.

DealerDOCX streamlines storage, retrieval, and compliance.

DealerDOCX is a space and time-saving document management solution that scans and stores all your paperwork in the Cloud. While we’re at it, we mine the business intelligence you need to unleash your full business potential. That mountain of deal jackets, those stacks of repair orders, all get turned into intelligent documents — securely stored, readily searchable, and rich with insights.

Our platform was created by people with car dealership experience, so we know how to help you:

  • Eliminate the employee costs to retrieve files, copy files, and send paper records
  • Increase customer satisfaction with instant access to client histories
  • Increase revenue by freeing up space for revenue-generating activities
  • Gain peace of mind knowing your business assets are secured and backed up

“DealerDOCX new technology is a game changer for us. We capture concrete business intelligence from thousands of deal jackets with the click of a button.”

– Michele Myers, Vice President of Financial Services, The Dorschel Group

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