4 Best Ways to Cut Data Storage Costs

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Companies today have to manage a large amount of data. The need for data storage has increased in recent years due to the data-intensive CRM and accounting systems. Adding to this are the regulatory data requirements that have resulted in a data explosion.

Growing records, whether driven by regulatory requirements or litigation concerns, lead to increased document storage costs. The following tips can help reduce data storage costs for auto dealers in a systematic manner.

1. Classify Data Requirements

Experts recommend that you should classify the data into multiple tiers. Not all the data is important. You should categorize data into two or three distinct groups. This will help prioritize the resources for archiving the data.

Categorizing the data requires that you carry out a detailed audit. This will allow you to know what documents are critical for a company that should be made available at all times. You should keep critical files in storage that can be accessed at any time. For less important data, you should consider tape backup or another cheap medium that won’t require immediate access.

2. Purchase Storage Resource Management (SRM) Tools

SRM tools can offer clarity in the onsite storage environment. Using the tools, you can identify obsolete and duplicate copies of files. These files take extra space and slow down the speed at which you can access the data.

You can find many different tools online for managing storage solutions. For managing documents stored on multiple file servers, the best tool is Softek Storage Solution’s Storage Manager. This tool can generate reports on files stored in different media.

In case you have data stored on the memory card, you should consider using the SRM tool provided by HDS, McData Corp., and EMC. In addition, you can also use a central console to manage the different network. BrightStor SRM tool is the best in this regards.

3. Switch to Cloud Storage Solution

A lot of at auto dealers still use the outmoded offsite storage system to store records. However, storing data offsite is a costly process.

If you haven’t still made the switch from the paper to a paperless storage system, now is the best time to make the move.

When you store the documents to a cloud storage system, there is no need to buy expensive hardware or file cabinets. There is no need for storage space for storing business records. The space saved by storing documents online can be utilized for more productive uses.

4. Consolidate Document Storage System

You need to get rid of different storage mediums and consolidate all the documents to a single location. This will help reduce document storage expenses.

Consolidating the documents storage system will result in less cooling and power requirements. The energy bills will reduce significantly if you ensure that the data is saved in a central location.

Multiple storage devices require a lot of maintenance and management. The cost will decrease significantly when you use a single point for all your data storage needs.

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