5 Steps for Auto Dealers to Go Paperless

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The invention of paper is regarded as a milestone in human civilization. Yet, at the same time, the devastation caused to the environment due to paper cannot be ignored. Each year 4 billion trees are cut down for manufacture of paper. Millions of trees are cut down every day to make paper. This has resulted in a devastating impact on the environment, including global warming.

Apart from the cost to ecology, paper represents a big cost for companies. The net costs of a paper-based office are nearly 31 times the cost of paper. Estimates say that paper expenditure in the US amount to a staggering $217 billion. Auto dealers can greatly reduce the overheads by going paperless. The fact is a paperless office is easier than it seems. The post will highlight five simple steps that can help auto dealers to move from paper to a digital environment.

Step 1 — Hire a Third-Party Scanning Service

The effort required in scanning all paper documents to convert to digital versions can be great. Fortunately, you can hire a third party scanning service to make the digital transition.

Third party document management companies handle the time-intensive task to scan documents in bulk. All you need to do is to ship the documents and the company will scan and transfer the copy to a secure cloud platform.

Step 2 — Get a Paper Shredder

After creating a digital version of documents, you should not throw all the documents in the dustbin. Instead, you should purchase a paper shredder to shred all documents to pieces. Low capacity paper shredders cost less than $100 while higher capacity shredders such as HSM’s AF150 sheet shredder cost $600 and more.

Step 3 — Sign Up for Cloud Storage Services

Signing up for a cloud storage service is the ideal paperless document storage solution. Cloud storage allows saving digital documents on a secure platform. This will result in fewer costs as compared to saving documents on local storage servers. Moreover, managing digital documents online is much more convenient and cost-effective than managing documents on local servers.

Step 4 — Use Digital Note Taking Apps

Instead of sending paper memos, you should use digital note-taking apps such as Evernote. The apps can create digital memos that you can email to your employees with a click of a button. Apart from erasing the paper footprint, note-taking apps save time in communicating with employees.

Step 5 — Sign Up for Digital Documents

You should sign up for the digital version of bills and bank statements. Several companies offer the services of e-statements. You should sign up for the service and receive e-bills on the company email.

The rewards for a paperless office can be great for auto dealers. This will help in cutting the overhead costs. Moreover, it will improve the internal operations resulting in increased efficiency and productivity of the staff.  The question now for auto dealers is not how to go paperless but when.

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