4 Tips to “Future Proof” Your Dealership’s Digital Data

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Digital data is an important component for modern businesses. A firm cannot master today’s opportunities without having a secure digital data system in place. Using outdated technology to store data is a recipe for disaster. Auto businesses need to stay up-to-date with modern practices for securing data. It’s important to adopt data protection practices that fit for the future.

In this post, you will learn about some important tips on properly secure and future-proofing digital records that are critical for decision-making and meeting legal requirements.

1. Online vs. Local Digital Storage System

Today, auto businesses face two options regarding their digital storage system. The first option is to buy and maintain hardware and software to store digital documents. The other option is to transfer all the digital data online by selecting a cloud storage service provider.

The four main considerations in selecting the right storage solution should include the following.

  • Privacy and security
  • Accessibility
  • Costs (upfront and ongoing)
  • The flexibility of scaling upwards with time

A cloud storage solution fulfills all of the considerations regarding digital data storage for auto dealers. You can future-proof your data by selecting a secure online storage platform. Apart from being more cost-effective, cloud data storage platforms provide added flexibility in scaling upward and backward – as and when required. Online data storage solutions are also more secure. Reputable cloud storage service providers keep the system security policies up-to-date to ensure optimum data protection.

2. Tiered Data Protection Plan

Another invaluable tip for future-proofing digital data is to adopt a tiered data security model. A tiered digital protection model consists of multiple defense strategies to counter different threats to company data. This approach can help in identifying threats and protecting data from both internal and external threats.

3. Create Digital Policies

Latest technologies are creating opportunities for businesses to better secure their data. Auto businesses need to adopt policies making the most of online data ecosystem. They need to establish and create policies to ensure that the digital record remains secure for decades, fulfilling legal requirements. Auto companies need to consider a digital transformation strategy. This requires looking closely at the stored data, identifying issues, and taking appropriate steps to secure the data.

4. Data Migration and Transfer

Traditional data storage solutions that consisted of dedicated hardware silos have become outdated. Auto dealers need to transition to the cloud to secure important data. The problem with local data storage system is that hardware and software have a limited lifetime. They quickly become outdated and require an update. The digital data storage best practice to address this problem is to commit to a continuous cycle of data transfer that involves transferring data to an online platform.

Many documents require a retention period of more than a decade. Some documents need to be retained as long as the business is in existence. With the rapid changes in data storage technologies, companies need to seek an approach that future-proofs their critical data. The information in this blog post can set the trajectory for auto companies to create a policy with a focus on long-term data integrity.

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