Turning Bankers Boxes into Revenue

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Haddad Dealerships of the Berkshires is an award-winning, family-owned business that’s been committed to excellence for more than eight decades. With six locations in Pittsfield, MA — including a Toyota, Subaru, Hyundai, and Nissan dealership, along with a collision center, and a rental center.

It started with an in-house approach.

The Haddad team believed in the benefits of electronic records and decided to try scanning their deal jackets and repair orders in-house.

Scanning required three full-time employees, but the output was inconsistent. Tracking was tricky. Pages and documents went missing. There were so many uncertainties that they continued to transport and store all the paper records for compliance reasons. Eventually that piled up to more than 2,200 bankers boxes at one site!

Haddad soon decided to call in the experts.

Still convinced that digital was the answer, Haddad engaged DealerDOCX® for electronic document management. With a deep understanding of the auto sales and repair business, the DealerDOCX team provided one-stop services and support for the implementation and upkeep of an electronic records repository. Services for Haddad now include pickup of paper service records, document prep, scanning, data capture, quality control, shredding, and storage in a secure cloud-based repository.

The partnership has led to several positive (and profitable) outcomes.

Haddad is now fully realizing the promise of electronic document management. Highlights include:

  • Three full-time positions dedicated to the scanning operation were able to be reassigned.
  • One employee took a new position as administrative assistant to the owner.
  • 2,200 square-feet of storage space was freed up. It’s now generating significant revenue as a rental space.
  • Electronic records are now available to all managers, at all six locations, within seconds, eliminating the time (and delays) of requesting and retrieving paper records.
  • All records are safely stored and backed up on the dedicated Haddad cloud repository,  eliminating the risk of fire, flood, loss, or theft.

The DealerDOCX process is so simple, efficient, and secure that after the paper records are converted to electronic data, Haddad now has the confidence to destroy their paper records. That eliminates the expense of transporting and storing paper. It’s a modern, streamlined approach that enables everyone at Haddad to focus on making customers happy.

To schedule a DealerDOCX demonstration, click here.

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