Customer Support

  • Contact or at 585-625-2617.
  • Network Operations Support Monday through Friday, from 8am EST to 5pm EST
  • Online support, phone support
  • Tote pickup/Tote delivery to the dealership
  • Backfile collection
  • User training of the platform
  • Regularly scheduled/re-occuring pick-up

Q: How often do my documents get picked up?

A: We typically pick up from dealerships every two to four weeks, but we work with your dealership and the number of totes you generate on go on your needs.

Q: How many years back do you scan?

A: That is dependent on what your dealership needs. Some dealerships like to just send us go forward work, while others like to clean out the space that the backfile work is taking up.

Q: Do you scan things other than DJ and RO’s?

A: We do. While 80% of a dealerships paperwork is these types of documents, we also scan service folders, parts tickets, accounts payables, journals, HR files, and any other types of files generated by the dealership.

Q: What happens during an audit?

A: There are a few things that can happen. You can sit with the auditor and show them how to search for things, print off certain pages that they need, and show them everything on the site. We can also create a folder that the auditor has access to, and drag the certain documents that the auditor needs into that folder, only giving them access to exactly what they need. When this happens, many times the auditor does not need to come on site.

Q: How long is the lead time between when my documents are picked up and when they are in the system?

A: For all live work, there is a 2 week turn around time promised to our customers. This is the general time frame, but we always get calls asking about documents that were just picked up. When this happens, you can send an email to and we will pull this file and scan it to the system for you within 48 hours.

Q: How does training work? How long does it take?

A: Training typically takes less than 5 minutes a person. We will have picked up a tote of documents already from your store, so we will have some of your live data on the site. We will show each person how to sign in and how to search for documents. Our system is very user friendly, so it does not take long for each person to understand how it works.

Q: What happens when someone leaves the dealership?

A: Each user will have an IP address restriction, so this will restrict them from trying to log in from home or another dealership when they leave. We will also remove their access as soon as we get the go ahead from you.

Q: What if I forget my password?

A: Click the “Forgot my Password” link on the login page. Check your email to reset your password.

Q: I can’t log-in to the site today, it worked last week.

A: Login access is restricted to the IP address of your dealership. If you recently changed internet providers, DealerDOCX will need to update our system with your buildings new IP address.

Q: How do I change my password?

A: Click the “Change password” link under your name in the top right hand corner of your DealerDOCX site.

Q: What levels of security do you have to keep my data safe?

A: Each person that you designate needs access will receive their own username and password, which is then also IP address restrictions. We also use Amazon Web Services to host our data, which is one of the most secure ways to host data.

Q: Can each user see all of the documents?

A: No, each user is restricted to whatever folders you tell us they can have access to. If you want the service manager to only see RO’s, that is all they will have access to. If the general manager can see all documents, that is what they can see. It is all based on the permissions you give us.

Q: What can I search by?

A: Any typed word in the page is searchable! While the most specific and best chances of finding what you need is either the stock number or repair order number, you can search by the VIN number, the persons name, an address, or any other information you might have.