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DealerDOCX specializes in secure end-to-end Cloud-based document management solutions and scanning as a service for the Automotive industry. We take all of the boxes, filing cabinets, and storage rooms of deal jackets, ROs, and other key paperwork that you’re required to hold onto, and move every last page to the Cloud. With regional scanning centers to support our clients across the Northeast, New England, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Midwest, and beyond, our goal is to save your dealership time, space, and money through high-performance electronic document management.

How does it work? Like a charm.

DealerDOCX exists for one reason—to make document management for your dealership simple and easy. Compliance, security, accessibility, full-search capability—it’s all within reach with our robust, intuitive Cloud-based system.

Step 1

Every single box, filing cabinet, and storage room full of documents is gathered and secured in our red totes, starting the chain of custody.

Step 2

We collect the sealed totes at your dealership or storage facility and transfer to our secure scanning facility.

Step 3

Documents are prepped, scanned, uploaded to the secure CloudDOCX server, and thoroughly audited for accuracy.

Step 4

We create you a fully-secure, compliant, and permission-based electronic document management portal where all files are available to only you and the employees you choose.

Step 5

Access, search, collaborate, and manage all documents simply and easily right from your office, laptop or hand-held device.

Thinking of going it alone?

Before you commit time or resources, consider the following…

Compliance laws – Don’t pass go?

Unfortunately, maddocx_stopny are vague, intricate, subject to interpretation, and have significant variations from state to state. And you know how quickly audit penalties can add up. Are your employees up to speed on all of it?

ddocx_goDealerDOCX knows document compliance for the automotive industry inside-and-out, from state-to-state, and we’re expert at ensuring every last document you need to maintain is secure—from scanning to search—and available only to the appropriate people.

More people and equipment?!?

ddocx_stopFrom Sales to Service, front-end to back-office, your people are already busy taking care of business and customers. Every minute they spend having to learn and maintain a new document management system, and scan all of those documents to begin with, is time away from their main job—moving inventory and growing your bottom line.

ddocx_goThe scanning and storage of thousands and thousands of vital documents is a very complex task. Especially when you need to ensure that every document is searchable, maintained for the required length of time, and available at a moment’s notice for audit purposes. With DealerDOCX you have no equipment costs, the process is simple and easy, and your employees have the time they need to focus on their job.

Over 12,000,000 documents. 100% customer satisfaction.

Personal service. Wherever you are.

From Maine to California, Pennsylvania to Florida, dealers, dealer groups and ADAs trust DealerDOCX to handle their document management needs. Find a regional rep, or ask us for a free test drive today.

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Q: What is cloud computing?

A: The computer or server running your software program is not onsite in your building, but offsite. You access the program by logging in through your browser. Eliminates the need to buy servers or computer programs or manage the technology.

Q: Is this associated with my dealer management system?

A: We are a completely different entity than your DMS. We are not correlated at all with your DMS.

Q: Will the digital documents hold up in court?

A: Yes. The PDFs are unalterable PDFs, therefore signatures are upheld in court. We have gone through many audits and had many lawyers from different areas review the standards.

Q: Can I print documents?

A: You can print entire documents, certain pages of a document, anything that you need. It is a standard PDF, so very simple to use and standard.

Q: Why is your system different than other document management solutions?

A: We are a full service solution. Your dealership does no additional work, no scanning, no destapling. The system is easy to use and we have a full service support staff who is always available to answer questions or concerns.

We do right by our clients. And our communities.

DealerDOCX is more than just document management. We also believe in supporting the communities we serve. With numerous scanning center locations throughout our entire footprint, we hire locally, and we also partner with local organizations that work with developmentally disabled folks, offering entry-level employment opportunities within our centers.

At the end of the day, not only do we strive to do great things for our customers. We work hard to do right by others in general.


Leadership Team

John T. Smith

John Smith brings over thirty five years of IT business ownership and management experience to DealerDOCX. A graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology, John founded JTS Computer Services, Inc. early in his career, and guided the company to be one of the most highly respected application development and software consulting organizations in upstate New York. In the years since, John has started over 15 high technology businesses, successfully selling several to publicly traded firms.

Mark Brower
Chief Operating Officer

Mark Brower is intimately involved in all aspects of the DealerDOCX business—from sales to scanning center operations. Leveraging his deep experience in sales, marketing, and service management Mark provides set up and training to all new scanning partners, and has successfully run MDO for the past seven years with over 75 customers currently using the DealerDOCX services.

Brad Bass
Vice President of Sales

Brad Bass is vice president of sales for DealerDOCX. Appointed to this position in March 2016, Bass is responsible for sales strategy and execution, acquisition, retention, customer service, marketing communications and general operations for all markets nationwide.

Prior to his current role, Bass served as regional director of New England, where he grew the market over 1900% during his tenure. Before joining DealerDOCX, Bass was regional executive of public sector for Sprint Corp. Prior to that, he held several high-level positions at Verizon Wireless including executive of higher education accounts and district manager of retail stores.

John Walsh
Chief Technology Officer,
DealerDOCX services

John Walsh has 30 years’ experience in all aspects of software engineering from requirements analysis through software development and deployment. John drives the development of the DealerDOCX software suite. He and his team have also developed a set of highly automated tools to manage the secured cloud servers that manage your documents. John holds six US patents.

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